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Podcasts: The Basics

This is all completely FREE.

You DON’T need an iPod to download and listen to or watch a podcast. You can simply listen to or watch it on your computer or just burn a CD with podcasts that you download to take them in the car or wherever you’re going. But it certainly is quicker and easier to take it with you if you have an iPod. All you need is a computer and DSL or cable internet, and the latest version of iTunes.

Podcasts Features

  • • Browse thousands of podcasts on the iTunes Music Store
  • • Listen to an entire podcast before you decide to subscribe
  • • Subscribe to podcasts and iTunes updates your growing collection automatically
  • • Sync podcasts to your iPod and listen anytime, anywhere
  • • Sync video podcasts to the iPod or iPhone

Want to listen to your favorite radio shows and audio and video programs anytime? Just subscribe to the podcasts you want and iTunes takes care of the rest. Updates occur automatically. New episodes appear like magic. Podcasts sync to your iPod as soon as you dock it. Fast. Easy. Free.