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Our pastoral staff is available to officiate your wedding at Cornerstone or another location. We encourage you to start your marriage out in the healthiest way possible by participating in our pre-marriage course which is taught by our pastoral staff and offered twice each year. If you are unable to take our pre-marriage course we ask that you meet with a professional Christian counselor (Counselor Recommendations)

We believe it is important that a couple pursues a relationship with Jesus and seeks to honor Him by living in separate homes and abstaining from physical intimacy until your wedding.

Please email Pastor Paul Conti who will contact you to set up an initial meeting to get acquainted and discuss your options for pre-marriage counseling.

Want Your Wedding at Cornerstone Church?

Renting our facility for a wedding is very difficult because of the lack of availability.

If you would like to have your wedding at Cornerstone, please contact our Office for scheduling and pricing. Facility usage for weddings is only open to current members of Cornerstone Church of San Francisco.