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Dinner Dialogues

Dinner Dialogues is an informal gathering of 20 and early 30-something Christians with a passion for fellowship, fun and meeting new people. We get together one evening per month for dinner and great conversation.

Once you join the email list you will be added to communications about multiple events going on in the 20-somethings community at Cornerstone Church. Also, we can help you get plugged into a small group and various ministries at Cornerstone Church.

Everyone please, please, please feel welcome! If you cannot commit to consistent meetings, no worries, no pressure - feel free to get on the email list and come as often as you please. Also, friends (Christian or not) are always welcome.

To get connected: Join the Cornerstone Dinner Dialogues contact list now. Once you signup you will receive a welcome email including various suggestions for how to get connected with the Cornerstone 20s ministry and information about our monthly dinner.

More ways to get involved:

Cornerstone Connection Series: 3 part series of classes where you can learn how to become an active member of the Cornerstone community.

Join our Google group: Receive and share information on local events and outings, submit prayer requests, roommate searches, etc.

Become part of one of our online social communities to meet new friends, read blogs and share photos:

Facebook group


Serve with Urban Ministry : Volunteer alongside Cornerstone members in the SF Bay area

In accordance with Cornerstone Church's mission, our mission is to be an exceptional outreach group that serves as a community to encourage people in their pursuit to become committed followers of Jesus Christ.