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Connection Series

  • Sundays, January 10, 24 & 31 - 10:15 a.m. - 1 p.m.Register Now

Jesus teaches us that the greatest goal we can have in life is to pursue a relationship with God and to be a part of a loving community. Our Connection classes are designed to help people begin a life long process of growing closer with God and with others.

Learn what it means to establish and cultivate a vibrant relationship with God. Explore the following topics: What is water baptism? Who is Jesus and what is the meaning of the cross? What is the Bible and is it really from God? How do I cultivate a prayer life?

Learn how to become an active member of the Cornerstone community. Explore the following topics: What does a fully participating member of Cornerstone look like? What is the mission, vision, and philosophy of Cornerstone? What is Cornerstone's history and plans for the future?

Discover your God-given talents and gifts and learn how to use them to serve others. Explore the following topics: What is a spiritual gift? What is ministry? How can I volunteer at Cornerstone? What types of volunteer opportunities exist at Cornerstone?

Classes are held at our Campus Extension at 65 Dorland Street, within easy walking distance of Cornerstone.